Destiny Coaching

Life Path Coaching.

All of us are on a journey.  Along the way it is comforting to receive guidance and support that encourages us to actualize our highest potential.

To assist you in gaining the proper insight into the circumstances of your journey I access the wisdom of The Cards of Destiny, I Ching, Metu Neter Oracle, The Mayan Oracle, the Osho Zen Tarot and the Shamanic Astrology Oracle.

Destiny Card Analysis.

Destiny Cards is a Divination system which reveals to you the record of your entire life, much like the Akashic records. It provides an extremely accurate understanding of your past, your future and how you can live in this present moment to actualize optimum success in your relationships, your health, your wealth and your spiritual development.

With a Destiny Card reading you can have an accurate analysis of what is going on in your life and your relationship, and why!  You can know the underlying energetic blueprint of your core personality and how to achieve greater happiness, success and love in your life.

The system uses standard playing cards which originally were created in Ancient Egypt to mathematically chart the the BioRhythms of the Earth:

● 52 Cards in the Deck corresponds to 52 Weeks in a Year

● 4 Card Suits corresponds to 4 Yearly Seasons

● Day and Night are represented by the Red and Black color scheme of the cards

● 13 Cards per Suit corresponds to 13 Moons in a Solar Year

● The combined value of all the cards in the deck equals 364.  Add to that the value of the Joker – 1.25 and you have the number of days the earth takes on its journey around the sun – 365.25 days

The Ancient Egyptians discovered that each day has a particular BioRhythmic Electro-Magnetic energetic orientation.  A person born on a particular day will be imprinted with the predominant energy of that day and from that day forward their life will follow a mathematically precise cyclic energetic flow.

With your birthdate I can read the cyclic energetic flow of your entire life.  If you would like to…

♦    Acquire an in-depth insight into your BioRhythmic personality

♦    Know precisely what is going on in your life NOW and WHY

♦   Understand the dynamic forces that are steering your life

♦    Discover the true personalities of friends, family, spouse/partner and potential partners

♦    Understand the BioRhymthmic blueprint of your entire love life

•     Have a complete analysis of any of your personal relationships
•     Gain insight into the causes of your relationship problems
•     Know the core personality of someone you’re interested in

♦    See exactly where you are on your ‘Yellow Brick Road’

…then you should consider getting a Destiny Card Analysis.

A standard session generally lasts about 90-120 minutes and can be done over the phone, Skype, FaceTime, or in person.

Standard Destiny Analysis – $75.00 – $125   (Sliding Scale or Trade)

Relationship Analysis – $75.00 – $125 for a Single;  $105 – $175 for a Couple

Student Rates are Available.

Please call 541-736-0119.