Goddess Temple Portland

The Goddess Temple of Portland is a collective of spiritual visionaries who are coming together to create sacred space with the intention for the healing and evolution of our world. The vision being to create a community that honors our inherent divinity and the sacredness of all life in Her multitude of forms.

Who we are:

We are a small, devoted, and growing group of Priestesses, Priests, Oracles, Healers, Temple Dancers, Sacred Artists and Mystics who share a passion in the honoring of life’s passages and Her great mysteries.

We honor the spiral dance of life, as the creative and ever unfolding universe within the discovery of soul and Self.

We are heart minded and spirit led, inspired by the many cultures where all of life thrived and humanity held together as the role of the Divine was held in high regard and the practices of the temple arts centrally interwoven within the fabric of society.

We are inclusive of all spiritual traditions, with a clear emphasis on the reclaiming and celebrating of the Divine Feminine in her rightful and empowered role in complement with the sacred Masculine together as One.

The intention of the Goddess Temple Portland is to:

Nourish the spirtual life of our community, provide sanctuary for personal devotion, meditation and prayer.

Host ceremonial celebrations in honor of the Turning of the Wheel to bring us more deeply into Harmonic Resonance with the Cosmos and Natural Order.

Facilitate Soul-nourishing Ceremony and Celebration in honor of personal life transitions such as:

~  Moving in and out of partnership (marriage, separation)
~  The arrival of menses, moon time and menopause
~  Honoring the Sacred transitions of Birth, Death, Solar Return
~  Career Changes, New Homes, Unwinding, Grief and Release

Host weekly classes, support circles and sacred offerings for women, men, teen and children’s empowerment, embodiment and enlightenment.  Classes and Ritual Meditations will be conducted in Portland and Eugene Oregon

Provide a space for the fine and healing arts.

Be a center for spiritual wisdom and integrity ~ hosting national and international teachers, authors, anchors and artists.

Elevate the frequencies of wholeness within each human being on the planet and co-create a world of balance and harmony.

Celebrate the divine and complementary nature of the Infinite Masculine ~ Feminine within relationship in balance to all things

Inspire sustainable community, activating unity consciousness.

To get on our mail list for upcoming events send a email to williex@lwhealing.com with the subject line of ‘Goddess Temple’.