“My destiny card reading with Williex was extremely clarifying and beneficial for me during a muddy and difficult time in my life. I felt validated for what I was going through, and felt very supported by Williex throughout the whole process of trying to find out the best course of action. He is extremely insightful and wise, and uses his cards as a potent tool. He was extremely generous with his time, energy, and information. Thank you!”  ~ Amy T.

 “Last night I was blessed to receive an amazing reading provided by my friend Williex Emanuel.   His technique of reading is called cartomancy, which uses a standard deck of cards to provide information about one’s life (done in a very scientific way, based off of your birthday and time, as opposed to a “randomly generated” spread as in a typical tarot reading, which can be subjected to error if the reader is not very intuitive). It is a very accurate and overall great system, especially for anyone who is a little intimidated by the idea of getting a “reading”, because the info is very grounded and matter-of-fact, not “woo-woo/ new agey” sounding stuff. I found the reading to be very real and pertinent in my life and helping me to take a deeper look into myself, my conditioning, and why I am the way that I am, and how to change it to allow for a better life.

So, it was overall very positive, uplifting, insightful and beneficial. I will be back for more very soon, Willex!! Also, his prices are VERY fair and if you are looking for a little guidance or feel lost in your life, needing direction, look no further. I promise you will not be disappointed. Thanks so much Willex, I feel very empowered today and have a very clear picture of what I need to work on.” ~ Elizabeth S.

“The reading you gave me for this year has energized my vision and will help me navigate my way closer to my dreams and goals.  I am eternally grateful to you Williex for your authentic heart, for your wisdom and insights that bring fresh new perspectives into my life, and for your loving kindness. Your readings that you give so freely have assisted many people in finding the clarity, guidance and validation they needed. You are most generous when you are serving others.  And your wisdom, your creative skills and guidance is much needed now.  Gratitude for your grace, and the connection we have.  Love Always.”  ~  Rita B.

“Willex, I am so amazingly grateful for your immense patience, deep wisdom, and friendly demeanor. I really enjoyed the insights you brought to me tonight through your profoundly deep practice with the Destiny Cards. I learned so much, felt such clarity about my path, and felt a genuine interest on your part that made me feel so excited to explore this with you. You spent a lot more time with me than I expected and I never felt as though you were rushed. You are a shining example of the magic of Giving, and I am so grateful to have shared this time with you. I hope to connect with you more in the future and I pray that you flow with grace and ease into the light of your highest potential!  ~  Kethoreau C.

“Williex did a reading for me which accurately reflected several things I’ve been experiencing in my life. He’s incredibly insightful, intuitive, and handles sensitive matters with integrity. I have gained more insight into some patterns I’d been experiencing and feel more inspired to take action steps to make changes.”   ~  Brittany E.

“Thank you Williex for the Destiny Card reading you gave me at country fair. The past two readings you have given me were both insightful and accurate. I am at a crucial point in my life’s work and I deeply appreciate having your insight into the timing of the various energies active in my life. Thank you for your down-to-earth wisdom and clarity.”  ~ Benjamin C.

“Thank you Willex for an amazing destiny cards reading! I am blown away and so grateful to receive the guidance and direction. I so appreciated your patience with me and the time and  information given to me to digest at my own pace. It was a pleasure to meet a new friend! Many blessings to you.”  ~  Leora B.

“Williex spent an incredibly generous amount of time with me yesterday giving an in-depth reading about my upcoming year. I’m so grateful to have someone in the community who has put years of study and practice into sharing guidance and wisdom. Thank you so much!”  ~  Eamon W.

“Thank you Williex for the in-depth reading last night! I really resonated with what you said and am excited to collaborate with you in the future. It’s good to have confirmation I’m going in the right direction.  Blessings!”  ~ Margot R.

“The reading I received from Williex was amazing.  He was very thorough and very clear during the entire process.  It changed a lot for me and put me on a more guided path in search of self.  I truly appreciate the time he spent with me sharing his wisdom.  Priceless!!”  ~ Anisa T.

“My destiny card reading with Williex was very insightful and helpful to me. His understanding of the bigger picture of the cards, and also the specific energies involved, helped me to better understand the larger themes and patterns at work in my life. I can now make more proactive and positive decisions for myself knowing what forces and energies may be influencing me at any given time.”  ~ K.Sati S.

“I am in awe and glowing with gratitude after my reading with Willex. So much clarity and sweet reminders of how I get to show up in my life full of loving kindness. Thank you Willex for your generosity and for following your inspiration and inner voice! You are such a gift!”  Sara M.

“My destiny card reading with Williex was wonderful, intriguing, and fun. Williex is thorough, interested and enthused while sharing the knowledge of the cards and really took the time to answer all of my questions. Destiny card readings are insightful, bring clarity and a feeling of validation of the events of our lives. Thank you for sharing this mysterious wealth of information.”  ~ Alishiya H.

“Thank you so so much, dear Williex, for sharing your amazing gift with me in your session, but mostly for showing up as an incredible compassionate human being.  I deeply thank you for that.”  ~  Marina F.

“An amazingly insightful and thorough reading. Williex offered a comprehensive explanation of how the system he uses works along with many useful practical suggestions of how to apply the newly gained knowledge to my life. The information provided was amazingly accurate both about the characteristics of my being and my life situation -past, present, and future! The way the system is able to track the energetic flow of your life is incredible and Williex really cares to help you utilize it.”   ~ Renee K.

“Though it is now months past, I still remember quite vividly my meeting with Willex at the end of last summer. We sat together under the apple tree in my garden and for a fascinating few hours he shared with me the details of my destiny cards. He spoke of a year to come filled with love, prosperity and great creativity. He also said that in order for me to be able to receive these gifts, I would be have to be open to great change, specifically I would need to be open to experiences I had previously resisted. This last bit of counsel ended up changing my life. I took it to heart and examined my life for a place to begin, some small change that would fit his description. I decided to choose my refusal over the years to join Facebook. The very day of his visit I set up an account. Two months later I received a friend request from a childhood playmate I had not seen in 36 years. This friend is now the great love Willex spoke of. And the rest? The dramatic changes? The creativity? The prosperity? They are all coming to pass as well. It is all quite wonderfully remarkable.”
“As amazing as it has been to have the fortellings of his reading come to pass, I would have been content with just the pleasure of spending that time in the garden with Willex. His warmth, the breadth and depth of his knowledge about destiny cards, the generosity with which he shares the gifts of his heart and mind; these alone are beautiful to experience. I unreservedly recommend giving yourself the gift of a reading with him.” ~ Tara J.
“Williex has absolutely exceeded my expectations with his very thorough and insightful Destiny Card reading! He took the time to explain the history and meaning of the cards and their reading to me, followed by an in depth exploration of what was ‘in the cards’ for me in the next few months. It left me feeling inspired, supported by the universe, validated in my sense of what my next important step might be, and brought me much more trust and confidence in taking that next step. New vistas and possibilities opened up that I am eager and excited to explore. Thank you so much Williex, I am very much looking forward to the next reading with you!!! 🙂 “ ~ Brighde J.

“I am so grateful to Williex for his generosity and the very thorough and amazingly accurate card reading I received from him.  I wasn’t sure what to expect since I was at a distance and it was done over the phone, but it by far exceeded any expectation I may have had.  I was experiencing some transitions and changes that had me feeling a little uneasy about what was ahead, but since the reading, I feel a greater sense of inner peace and confidence about what is to come and in my life choices. It has helped me to follow my heart in ways I have only dreamed about and to trust my intuition in greater ways.  Thank you Williex!”  ~ Shanalea F.

“It’s incredible how helpful the Destiny Card reading was for me. With the insights I gained, I now know where abundance will enter my life. With the help of the reading, I can focus my energy in this place to make the best of it. I also enjoyed learning where my challenges are coming from and the reading offered paths that I can take to find resolution for these challenges. For instance, I I know I have a few large expenses coming up this year. The Destiny reading saw these expenses and also informed me that with attention on my current job as well as a positive fate for a new business venture I will be able to take care of these financial expenses without problem. Thank you Williex for this window into my future!”  ~  Tasha  D.

“I had such a great Destiny Card reading with Williex Emanuel last night. Such insightful knowledge was shared with me that really resonates with where I am in my life process, and where I must focus my inner work in order to get the results I desire.” ~ Laura L.

“I had the pleasure of receiving a destiny card reading from Williex, and I am informed and transformed by the experience! Williex brought both an extensive knowledge base as well as an intuitive real time presence to the reading. He explained the framework and means of interpreting the cards, while offering me major insight into my life purpose and what support and obstacles I may encounter in the upcoming year. I was amazed by the amount of detail and specificity that his reading illuminated around my personal constitution as well as my past, present, and future! I came away from the reading wholeheartedly inspired and clear about my next steps. It is evident that Williex is a truly remarkable visionary, teacher, healer, and gifted destiny card reader. I am already looking forward to my next reading!” ~ Meghan S.

“I have received such incredibly valuable insights from my reading with Willex. From the session I now have a greater ability to navigate my life with more clarity. I understand the cycles of my chart and how I can optimize and approach my challenges with greater ease and activate my gifts to their full ability. I highly recommend having a session with Williex. The insights I have received are far beyond any reading I have received to date. Williex is a gifted practitioner.” ~ Ashera S.

“Williex is the first person I’ve ever seen for a psychic consultation. For all of my life I have been a staunch supporter of psychology and therapists, but after spending a weekend at a conference with him I gave it a shot. The biggest lesson I’ve received from our consultations is that sometimes you just need to surrender to the fact that we are part of a solar system and that has influence over us. Someone can tell you what you should do, how you should perceive it or how you should let it go. But subtly there’s something else going on that will influence who you are. Williex has helped me access this power so that I’m not fighting against the sun, moon, stars, planets and our own earth. 

Some results of this are: being okay with feeling anger and acting on it, taking time for self care so that I don’t burn out, and validating my own personal power. This has allowed me to start a landscaping business as well as join other businesses that allow me to truly be myself.  It also has allowed me to let go of a toxic romantic relationship and be vulnerable once again with new loves. Thank you once again Williex and I couldn’t be more honored for being a client of yours.”  ~ M. Gene

“I am squarely in a transition period, and before my reading with Williex, I was troubled about my future. What I received was clear, compassionate guidance that helped me tremendously, and gave me a completely different attitude about where I am on my path. You provide your birth details like you would for an astrology reading, and he uses a very ancient system birthed from Mother Gaia to read the current influences you are under. I really got a sense of what I need to release from my life in order to make forward progress. I am grateful for the generous amount of time Williex spent with me to answer my questions and to be sure I understood all aspects of the reading. Furthermore, he’s trained in a number of modalities and gave me excellent advice on how to tackle some of my challenges. Williex is a selfless, wise, compassionate guide and you cannot go wrong with a reading from him!”   ~ Mishika.R